Sustainable Viscose Certified

Sustainable Viscose Certified

Sustainable viscose certified

Our forests preserved, thanks to certified eco-responsible viscose

Statistics show that only 31% of the world’s land is now covered by forests, whereas four centuries ago, this figure was 66%. Deforestation, caused mainly by human activity, is one of the main reasons for this environmental tragedy. Humans are burning forests to create farmland, while overconsumption and global population growth are making the situation worse. Deforestation has major impacts on the global ecosystem, including the emission of 6 gigatons of CO2 per year and the destruction of animal species’ habitats, leading to their extinction.

Traditional viscose is made from wood cellulose, which comes from these threatened forests. Some factories use chemicals that are harmful to workers, causing effects such as hallucinations, heart attacks and paralysis.

The manufacturing process of sustainable viscose: 

The raw materials come from regulated forests that are neither old nor endangered. The manufacturing processes are the same as for traditional viscose, but the wood cellulose is extracted naturally and transformed into filaments and fabrics. LO NEEL workshops are selected for their ethical and eco-responsible values because the well-being of our employees is paramount. 

LO NEEL and its eco-responsible values: 

LO NEEL designers are proud to create unique, ethical and ecological pieces, using sustainable and eco-responsible materials. By wearing these creations, customers contribute to the preservation of the environment while supporting LO NEEL‘s values. 

Green tip : the Ecosia search system allows you to plant a tree for each new search you make on the internet. LO NEEL has adopted it, why not you ?

Discover the exclusive pieces created from sustainable viscose:

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