Organic Soy Fiber

Organic Soy Fiber

Organic Soy Fiber

Soy, a sustainable and eco-responsible material 

Soy, the world’s most produced legume, is now being transformed into textile fiber to create eco-friendly clothing. With more than 336 million tons produced each year, the food industry is collaborating with ethical and eco-responsible clothing brands to reduce the environmental impact of this controversial crop. We know the dietary benefits of soy, which is widely consumed in Asia and popular in the West in diets for its protein qualities. Now it has been transformed into a textile fiber and knitted. 

How is soy fiber created? 

The fiber is created from soy proteins, which are waste and surplus from the food industry. The soy protein is liquefied and extruded into long fibers, which are then cut and used as weaving yarn. This recycling of waste products reduces the environmental impact of this production. Soy has many benefits in its textile form: antibacterial and thermoregulating. Because of its silky aspect, its great softness and its lightness, the soya fibre is nicknamed the “vegetable cashmere”. Its great capacity of absorption makes it possible to use few dyes and also to evacuate the perspiration, a fact not negligible. 

LO NEEL and its ecological values: 

LO NEEL has chosen to work with this innovative fiber for its benefits and its impact. The flagship pieces are the Aza top and the Ascilla dress, which have become emblematic of the LO NEEL wardrobe. By using waste from the food industry to create its clothes, LO NEEL is committed to a more eco-responsible and ecological approach, thus reducing the environmental impact of its production.

Discover the exclusive pieces created from this fiber:

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