Organic mulberry fiber

Organic mulberry fiber

Organic mulberry fiber

Organic mulberry fiber, an ecological alternative to animal leather

The leather industry is one of the most polluting in the world and is also harmful to animals. Every year, over a billion animals are slaughtered for this industry, which also uses chemicals that are dangerous for the environment and workers. Synthetic alternatives, such as plastic, petroleum, and PVC, are just as toxic to the environment.

To address these issues, vegan and ecological alternatives have been developed, such as organic mulberry fiber, also known as “Hanji”. This fiber has been certified for its quality and effectiveness by official inspection agencies in South Korea.

Manufacturing process of organic mulberry fiber:

The manufacturing process of Hanji fiber starts with the bark of the mulberry tree grown in South Korea. This bark is steamed, and then the layers are removed to obtain the inner fibers, which are washed, sun-dried, and immersed in cold water to remove impurities. The balls of fibers undergo a light beating by hand to separate them and can then be woven with organic cotton to create this unique textile. This material is also innovative for its antibacterial and deodorizing properties. It is light, breathable, windproof, and absorbs moisture when exposed to the outdoors, releasing it when the weather is dry. It is soft and firm to the touch.

LO NEEL, in search of innovative and durable materials:

At LO NEEL, we work every day to offer our customers pieces made of the most beautiful, innovative, ethical and ecological materials. Mulberry fiber represents for us a meticulous work, because it is produced in an artisanal way and respectful of the environment. The Clara aviator jacket is made from this unique fiber, in our French workshop, and has become an emblematic piece of the LO NEEL wardrobe.

Discover the exclusive mulberry fiber pieces:

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