# 7 Eco-tips, ocean pollution due to fashion

Through this series of articles, we will offer you a weekly insight into the ecological impact of clothing production around the world. With LO NEEL, we are committed to the planet, our Mother Earth, which welcomes and shelters us. We refuse to take part, from near or far, in its pollution, degradation and destruction.

It seemed important to us to denounce abusive practices but also to propose sustainable solutions on a daily basis. We hope that this information will help you to better understand the underbelly of mass production in the fashion industry.

The LO NEEL team also accompanies you in an individual ecological awareness, by proposing to each article of this series of eco-tips to be carried out daily. By following them, this will allow you to have a healthier and more ethical behaviour and consumption.

Here is the eco-tips # 7!

Sac plastique dans le ciel

85% of the human debris on the beaches is microfibers.

Solution: choose clothing made from natural or recycled fibres.

Through LO NEEL parts, we offer a plurality of innovative materials. They are all natural or recycled. We have made sure that they have been produced in a healthy and ecological way. Thus, the fibers that make up our pieces are organic and cannot, therefore, pollute the planet. For example, our ASCILLA dress is made from soy fiber and is GOTS certified. Our ANANAS SILVER jacket has been produced from pineapple leather, itself made from the leaves of the pineapple that have been recovered. Thus by revalorizing waste, superb materials can be born. Finally, our LALY dress is made from viscose, which is actually dead wood. The Viscose material is also known as vegetable cashmere thanks to its exceptional softness.

We believe that summer is the most dangerous season for the environment. Indeed, global warming causes many droughts and fires. However, what we are most afraid of is the behaviour of holidaymakers. Plastic bottles and packaging must be banned at all costs. Every year thousands or even millions of these objects are thrown into the sea. These actions contribute to the slow but lasting destruction of the marine ecosystem. We believe it is necessary to make people responsible for their behaviour. To this end, respect for nature should be put back at the centre of education.

Several environmental associations exist, militate and act for the planet. We advise you to take an interest in the work and actions of Greenpeace, probably the most famous ecological association worldwide. If you want to volunteer for part of the summer, take an interest in the Surfrider association which mobilizes people of all ages. Throughout the year, they organize beach sweeps to clean up abandoned rubbish.

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