# 4 Eco-tips, soil degradation due to the fashion industry

Through this series of articles, we will offer you a weekly insight into the ecological impact of clothing production around the world. With LO NEEL, we are committed to the planet, our Mother Earth, which welcomes and shelters us. We refuse to take part, from near or far, in its pollution, degradation and destruction.

It seemed important to us to denounce abusive practices but also to propose sustainable solutions on a daily basis. We hope that this information will help you to better understand the underbelly of mass production in the fashion industry.

The LO NEEL team also accompanies you in an individual ecological awareness, by proposing to each article of this series of eco-tips to be carried out daily. By following them, this will allow you to have a healthier and more ethical behaviour and consumption.

Here is the eco-tips # 4!

93% of the world’s land degradation is caused by overexploitation, deforestation and agriculture.

Solution: know ethical brands, respecting the planet, with labels controlling the use of chemicals such as GOTS or other.

LO NEEL addresses this issue through several products that have been awarded labels. You will find a full explanation of each of the labels we have obtained in this tab. These labels certify that an ethical and eco-responsible production has been achieved. Our LALY and ASCILLA pieces have obtained the GOTS label because they have been made with soy fiber, also called vegetable silk. Thanks to this innovation, the material is very soft to wear. It will give you the effect of a caress on the skin.

Robe Lally noire broderie exclusive à la main en fibre de soja vegan
robe bleu vegan avec des broderies faites a la main en fibre de soja

While the production of raw materials for the fashion industry seriously degrades the soil, other activities such as intensive agriculture are just as responsible for this nuisance. Intensive cattle farming is one of the most polluting practices in the world. With LO NEEL, we refuse to exploit animals and deny them as living beings. We believe that human beings are not superior to living beings. We have been awarded the PETA label to certify that we do not practice any animal testing. We advise you, to fight against this overexploitation, to become flexitarian, if not vegan. This is a term used to designate people who drastically reduce their consumption of meat and fish. It is a good way to make the transition to a healthier, more respectful and responsible diet.

Over-exploitation of the soil is also due to the intensive use of pesticides. These pollute the soils of our Mother Earth at a deep level and are not healthy for the organism. Let us consume seasonal products. Let us learn that it is normal not to eat tomatoes or strawberries in winter. Let’s trust nature and advocate seasonal food, in line with what the Earth produces. Let’s try to favour organic products, if we can afford it.

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